Adolesence and Youth Research Association

The association was established with the aim of creating a framework for the ongoing research about adolescence, youth and transition to adulthood and promoting effective collaboration among researchers and contributing to the improvement of the scientific quality of research on adolescence and youth.

The association welcomes people who study psychology, psychological counselling and guidance, medicine, social service, child development, education/teaching, sociology, related disciplines and experts and graduate students from various branches of psychology and educational sciences and also psychiatry, public health, social pediatrics, child development, family counselling, women’s studies, etc. Association also is also open for everyone who are interested in adolescence, youth and transition to adolescence, research specific to people in this period.

Our young association, include experiences of senior researchers who have worked in this field for years and also the capacity and energy of young researchers. Therefore, our association was established for providing a platform to contribute young researchers studying adolescence and youth.

President and Chair of the Executive Committe
Professor Figen ÇOK (Ph. D)